Student Education & Advocacy 

$50 (Financial Assistance is Available)

NISE looks to connect students in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky interested in learning and becoming an advocate for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Each meeting, students tackle different topics allowing a deep dive into an action-based, analytical and discussion-based program where all perspectives will be listened to, examined, considered, and deliberated. We welcome students wherever they are in their learning, beliefs, and backgrounds; We encourage civil discourse.

The goals for this program include the development of critical skills in thinking, reading, writing, speaking, and listening, and the ability to apply and utilize these skills in diverse academic and non-academic situations, particularly with the broader structure of views in regard to gender, race, ability, and class.


Students who leave this program should be prepared to civilly engage in historical and current social topics by using research, collaboration, empathy, thoughtful communication, and positive interaction. Additionally, students should have the skillset to take action for proactive social justice change.

The compelling questions that will spark curiosity:


Registration is open to the Class of 2024, Class of 2025, and Class of 2026. This program is not your traditional after-school program.  In order to ensure students meet the goals and objectives of this program, attendance is mandatory

Each Student Education & Advocacy Group cohort will meet year-long.  Meetings are held one (1) - two (2) times per month for multiple hours. 

Meeting Dates and Times:  2023-2024 Meeting Schedule

Meeting Location: 605 Fairfield Avenue - Bellevue, KY 41073