Congratulations to our 2023 scholarship winners!

NISE student advocacy applications received by July 31 are eligible for a chance to win the $500 NISE Ally Scholarship each year. Apply at: 

Highlands High School students can check back in the spring of their senior year for the HHS DEI Scholarship application. 

NISE Ally Scholarship


2 year NISE member
Attending Miami University, Oxford
Majoring In Public Administration & Political Science

NISE was like the lightbulb that ignited my passion for government and politics. Through NISE I have been able to learn about important issues, form my own opinions, make an impact, and form relationships that will last a lifetime. I plan to keep the ideals of NISE alive in my life for years to come. 

Highlands High School 

DEI Scholarship


Attending Washington University In St. Louis
Majoring In Biochemistry/Molecular Biology & Anthropology (Pre-Med Track)

...I have become an advocate for people who look like me and experience similar ostracization. I find it important to share these experiences within the community of Fort Thomas and at the state level because to be able to progress and better a community, the problems of the marginalized must also be addressed by the majority.

While I have had my own struggles, I am aware of my privilege and the fact that I am not alone in these feelings. I can’t wait to hear the stories of my new peers, their past struggles, and their dreams for the future. I plan on joining multicultural groups, participating in discussions surrounding DEI, and most importantly, continuing to use my voice to speak up for what I believe in.